Multicoloured Jelly babies Price is per half metre


100% Cotton

Price is per half metre

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56″ wide half metres
Patchwork, Quilting, dressmaking, Crafts, cushions, light weight curtains and bags can all be made with this beautiful 100% cotton fabric.

The fabric width is 56″ or 140 cm

Most importantly. If you require to purchase more than 1 Half metre. Please enter a numerical value, of more than 1, in the quantity box. For instance entering the number 2 buys you a whole metre of fabric. Thus enabling us to send your fabric in one continuous length. Finally Please find below a guide on what the approximate measurements are.

1= Half a metre =20″ x 56″ or 50 cm x 140 cm
2= One whole metre =40″ x 56″ or 100 cm x 140 cm
3= One and a half metres =56″ x 60″ or 150 cm x 140 cm
4= Two whole metres =80″ x 52″ or 200 cm x 140 cm etc.

Happy shopping.

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Dimensions 50 × 110 cm


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