Re-usable Face Wipes

You Will Need

If you do not want to use the bamboo wadding then just use another layer of bamboo flannel.

Once you have cut your fabrics into 4″ squares you need to layer your fabrics together & pin. Start by putting the cotton (right side facing up) bamboo flannel on top of the cotton (right side facing down against the cotton) then the bamboo wadding on top.

Then sew around the edges leaving a small gap on one of the sides to be able to turn the fabrics inside out. Once you have sewn them cut off the corners. This stops there being too much bulky fabric in the corners. Now turn them inside out, making sure you turn between the cotton and flannel.

Be sure to push the corners out as far as they will go to get a neat even corner. Now hand stitch them closed by using the ladder/invisible stitch. Once they are sewn up just do one last machine stitch all the way around the edges. It helps if you keep the cotton on the bottom, this way the flannel can’t get caught in the machine.

You’re finished!! They can be hand or machine washed. If you are machine washing just put them in a net bag first and wash with similar colours. They don’t take long to dry and you can use them again & again. They make great presents for people too!