Simple Scraps Bin

Are you fed up with having bits of thread and material sat next to your sewing machine? Well here’s how to make a quick and easy scraps bin to sit on your side or hang near your machine.

You will need:

First start by folding your pieces of fabric in half (right sides facing each other.) Pin and sew down the side and along the bottom of each piece.

Turn 1 piece inside out, so the right side of the fabric is showing. Now you need to put the fabric with the right side showing (image on the left) inside the other piece of fabric. The right sides of each fabric should be touching each other.

Pin around the top and sew, leaving a small gap to be able to turn the fabric the right way.

Once you have sewn around the top, leaving a gap, pull the two fabrics apart (as shown above). turn inside out through the gap you have left unsewn.

Now tuck one half back inside the other, whichever fabric you want inside the bin. Ladder/invisible stitch the hole closed. If you want you can sew again around the top of the bag, joining the two fabrics together.

Finally put the embroidery ring around the top. This then keeps the fabric open. You can add some ribbon or string at the back of the hoop to be able to hang it from anywhere. I have added a command hook onto my desk to be able to hang it next to my sewing machine.